All SynergEyes Lenses


Satisfaction Guarantee

SynergEyes is committed to ensuring that both you and your patients are delighted with our lenses, and all SynergEyes lenses have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

All warranted lenses are covered for 90 days from final order ship date. Hybrid lenses are covered for 90 days from the six-month replacement date for the second lens in an annual supply. If a patient is dissatisfied with a lens for any reason during the warranted period, SynergEyes will replace the lens in the same parameters.

Each SynergEyes lens carries a 90-day warranty from final order ship date that the lens is free from defects in materials and workmanship. If a lens is determined to be defective, a replacement lens in the same prescription will be provided.

Please complete a Product Complaint Form, available on RxConnect, indicating the nature of the defect and return the form and the lens in the original packaging, within 30 days of replacement lens order.

Diagnostic Sets

Diagnostic lenses are for diagnostic fitting purposes only and not for resale to patients.


Contact your SynergEyes representative for pricing information.


Go Paperless!

SynergEyes, Inc. makes it easy for you to pay your bills by accepting VISA®, MasterCard®, and AMEX® for payment of all invoices. You have the option to receive invoices electronically or via regular mail. Statements are available via regular mail or online on RxConnect. You may register your preferences for paperless billing by visiting www.surveymonkey.com/s/SynergEyesPaperless.

Billing inquiries should be directed to the SynergEyes Billing Department by calling 877.733.2012 option 3, or emailing billing@synergeyes.com.


Where required by law, state and local taxes will be applied. You may provide SynergEyes, Inc. with a valid tax-exempt form or resale certificate if applicable.

Hybrid, Scleral and GP Lenses


Flexible Lens Fit Program

Flexible Lens Fit Program was created to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The Flexible Lens Fit Program allows you to easily move a patient from one lens design to another without cancellation fees within the first 90 days. All warranted SynergEyes lenses are eligible for exchanges within 90 days of first order ship date.

SynergEyes Specialty Lenses are classified into four tiers with different exchange and cancellation policies. Hybrid and Scleral contact lenses have unlimited exchanges within the 90-day period. See table below for per-lens exchange and cancellation information.


Mid-Term Rx Exchange Program for Hybrid Lenses

We know that sometimes your patient’s prescription changes, so all warranted annual supplies of SynergEyes hybrid lenses are covered by our Mid-Term Rx Exchange Program. If your patient’s prescription changes after dispensing a 2-Pack of SynergEyes hybrid lenses (within six months from first lens order date) you can exchange any un-expired, sealed vials for one even exchange. Simply call Customer Care to order the required exchange lens(es) and return the unopened vial(s) to SynergEyes.

Credits and Cancellation

If the patient is not successful with the lenses, simply call Customer Care within 90 days of the first order ship date to initiate credit. Open lenses do not need to be returned to receive credit for a cancelled fit. Cancellation fees will be deducted from lens credit.

If the patient is moved into another lens design within the first 90 days, SynergEyes will waive the initial cancellation fee.

Refer to the chart above for the per-lens cancellation fees.


Per-Patient Shipping Program

Standard shipments will be sent 2-day air for $13.99 per patient. The shipping fee will be applied to the patient’s first order and all subsequent exchanges (within 90 days) will ship at no charge. Annual supply completion orders placed within 90 days of the first order receipt will also ship without a shipping fee.

SynergEyes will make every effort to bundle multiple orders placed on the same day into a single shipment. Domestic orders of $650 or more placed online receive free shipping. Phone, fax and email orders of $920 or more receive free shipping.

Direct to patient delivery is available for an additional $6.00.

Diagnostic sets will be shipped 2-day air for $21.99 per set. For overnight shipping of Diagnostic Sets, contact Customer Care.

Upon request, SynergEyes will arrange for lenses to be shipped via Next Day (by 3:00PM) delivery at a charge of $26.99. For Next Day 8:00AM or Saturday delivery, contact Customer Care for pricing.

Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

Canadian orders are shipped International Priority for a flat fee of $20.00 per patient. Multiple orders in one week are bundled into a single weekly shipment.

Annual Supplies

SynergEyes recommends annual supplies for all hybrid lenses, which includes two lenses per eye. For new patient orders, the first order will be shipped as a single lens for each eye. If an exchange is requested, the replacement lens will be shipped as a single lens. There will be no charge for the exchanged lens within the 90-day fitting period. Once the fit is finalized anytime during the 90 days, please indicate the final Rx for the annual supply completion lens. The pre-paid lens will be sent to the practice with no shipping cost. If the final Rx is not identified, the lens in the most recent Rx will automatically ship 120 days from the initial order. For reorders of hybrid lenses, SynergEyes will ship the annual supply of two lenses per eye. In the event that an exchange or credit is needed, the second lens from the annual supply must be returned to SynergEyes in a sealed vial to receive credit.

Daily Disposable Lenses

Trial Lens Set Terms and Conditions

SynergEyes provides daily disposable contact lens trial sets to eye care professionals to help in the fitting of soft contact lenses. The unique rotating trial lens set has a small footprint and provides clearly marked shelving for trial lenses. SynergEyes will replenish the trial lens sets based on the number of lenses purchased. The trial lenses are for professional use only and are not to be sold. SynergEyes will not send trial lenses to a patient’s home. The sets are the property of SynergEyes.


SynergEyes will ship Rx lenses to an eye care professional practice. Direct-to-patient lens orders may be placed by calling SynergEyes Customer Care. Please make sure to verify the correct patient shipping information upon placing the order. If the lenses are mailed directly to a patient’s home or office, a packing slip will be included with the order, and an invoice will be sent to the practice. All daily disposable lens orders for lenses in stock will ship within 24 hours via Standard 3-day shipping. If there is a back-order, the account will be notified immediately. Annual Supplies and/or 10+ trial boxes ship for free. All other shipments will be $6.99 per patient.

Exchanges and Returns

We understand that sometimes a prescription needs to be adjusted, so SimplifEyes 1Day Daily Disposable lenses may be exchanged for the same product in a different power within one year of initial order. Exchanged boxes with the end flaps removed, due to rebate redemption or other purposes, will not be eligible for exchange.

SynergEyes will accept returns of daily disposable lenses that are within 90 days of purchase, in original packaging that is unopened, unmarked, and within one year of expiration. End flaps must be intact. The original order number and reason for return must be included with the returned product. All returns must come from the eye care practice that purchased the lenses. SynergEyes will not accept returns directly from patients.