The SynergEyes GP ll lens is an innovative gas permeable contact lens with two innovations: 1) a linear landing zone and 2) a unique tear reservoir.


The tear reservoir, in this larger 10.6 mm lens, allows for increased mid-periphery tear exchange resulting in great comfort. The linear landing zone creates a gentle, comfortable lens edge.

The GP ll lens delivers excellent, stable centration and is ideal for patients seeking greater comfort with gas permeable lenses.

gp lens sphere graphic-v1


  • Complete family of lenses with a wide range of parameter
  • Tear Reservoir Zone provides increased tear circulation
  • Larger Lens Diameter provides more uniform pressure distribution with minimal edge awareness
  • Ease of adaptation due to decreased lens movement and lens edge awareness
  • High Oxygen Permeability from Menicon Z material

SynergEyes GP II Bitoric: Ideal lens when a back toric design is needed for proper fit.

Note: Front surface optics are automatically adjusted to neutralize the cylinder induced from the back toric design.

SynergEyes GP II Bitoric Extra: Ideal lens when a back toric design is needed for proper fit and additional front surface front surface toricity is needed for residual astigmatism not corrected with GP II Bitoric.

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