Creating Contact Lens Opportunities

A seasoned hybrid contact lens prescriber will dispel the common misconceptions and perceived obstacles of hybrid fitting, followed by a discussion on the developments of newer technology that allows for streamlined fitting and improved outcomes. Learn how this modality can provide comfort and visual success while improving efficiency and outcomes. If you haven’t considered hybrid contact lens fitting, now is the time.

COPE Accredited.

Speaker: Dr. Stephanie Ramdass

With more sophisticated and earlier diagnosis of keratoconus, we need to be prepared to treat our patients early and throughout their journey. We are in it for the long run; considerations for the progressive disease require an understanding of all the treatment options that best serve our patients as their condition necessitates more advanced and personalized care.

COPE Accredited.

Speaker: Dr. Tiffany Andrzejewski and Dr. Melissa Barnett

This is a SynergEyes promotional presentation.

True Specialty Lens Practices utilize all contact lens modalities. Join us as we discuss the use of the next generation in Hybrid Contact Lenses for the management of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Learn how to maintain patients in contact lenses by resolving their issues and creating a better experience for the vision enthusiast!

Speakers: Dr. Tucker and Dr. McNulty