UltraHealth & UltraHealth FC

How well do you see the world around you? With UltraHealth take your life back and see in a new way filled with clarity and comfort. No more lenses popping out. No more irritating dirt. No more cloudy vision after a few hours of wear. And, the same size as a soft contact lens.

UltraHealth is the most advanced technology hybrid contact lens for keratoconus.

UltraHealth FC is also available for post-refractive surgery patientsThe oblate base curves offered in this addition to the UltraHealth family of lenses are well suited for post-Rk, post-LASIK and other cornea trauma conditions.

The new Tangible Hydra-PEG coating can now be ordered on UltraHealth lenses to enhance your lens wearing experience; Tangible Hydra-PEG patients describe all-day comfort.

Now, you too can ‘Transform your Vision’ with UltraHealth hybrid contact lenses.

Removing Hybrid Lenses

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“I saw for the first time – the world as it really looks. I have SynergEyes UltraHealth Contact Lens in both eyes. I have worn them daily at least 15 hours, even once 22 hours straight.”

Theresa W., Age 66