SynergEyes iD

SynergEyes iD lenses are more comfortable, more clear, and improve my vision more than previous lenses. I am a big fan of these contacts.

Rena R., SynergEyes iD wearer

I can see close up and far away with clarity now. I also do not have to wear readers!!!! YAY!!!

Seri B., SynergEyes iD wearer

I had poor experiences with previous soft contacts rotating out of place. SynergEyes iD does not have that problem, and they provide clear vision.

Bianca R., SynergEyes iD wearer

SynergEyes iD lenses are amazing! I no longer wear readers and I reduced my font size on my mobile phone from a 30 pt. to a 12 pt. I can see! I can see! They are so comfortable, easy to put in and out and they don’t flip like soft lenses. The clarity is the best. It’s so great to see again! I’ve recommended the lenses to several friends. It’s almost like finding a cure.

Mary D., SynergEyes iD wearer

No other contact lens has ever compared to the clarity of these lenses.

Mary M., SynergEyes iD wearer

These are more comfortable than any other lenses I have had.

Avery L., SynergEyes iD wearer

I have sharper vision than I did with soft contact lenses but are more comfortable than the rigid gas permeable lenses that I wore a few years ago.

Cari K., SynergEyes iD wearer


The comfort of soft lenses and the clarity of gas permeable lenses. The best of both worlds.

James, Wadsworth, TX

As a college student with astigmatism, I was having problems seeing clearly in enough time to read the slides before my teachers changed them. I immediately fell in love with my Duette lenses as soon as I put them on. Being able to see everything clearly and without waiting for my vision to stabilize was a great benefit to me. I don’t think my vision has ever been this clear!

Amanda, Lansing, MI

Having worn gas permeable contacts for over 30 years, I can honestly say that Duette is the most comfortable lens I have ever worn! My vision is as precise as wearing RGP lenses, but it almost feels like I have no lenses in at all. I recently spent a day at the beach where it was windy. With my old lenses, I would have been very uncomfortable. The Duette lenses were comfortable all day!

Holly, San Antonio, TX

When I put my new lens in, I said ‘WOW’ out loud. I don’t remember ever seeing this clear.

Mary Ann, Lincoln, CA

I suffer from extremely dry eyes and also am very nearsighted. I used to have to wear sunglasses with gaskets just to go outside because dust would blow in my eyes and cause constant pain. Glasses don’t correct my vision well enough, and I had to use eye drops several times a day to keep my gas-perm contacts comfortable. These problems went away when I switched to Duette lenses. I can hike and ride my bike again, and my eyes don’t hurt. I am so thankful for the new lenses! Thanks!

Sharon, Fremont, CA

I have struggled for years with my contacts and the comfort. I thought I would just have to live with the issues I was experiencing. After putting Duette lenses in for the first time, I was ecstatic with the clarity and comfort. I can’t express how grateful I am that I didn’t allow my frustration with contacts to hold me back from trying these lenses. I am extremely happy with them. Happy that I don’t dread putting my contacts in everyday.

Kandy, Herriman, UT

After wearing hard contact lenses for more than 25 years, I wanted to switch to a soft lens. Duette lenses offers me a combination of hard and soft that provides clarity of vision and comfort all in one. Love them!

Debra, Prather, CA

After wearing both rigid and soft lenses, Duette lenses provides me with both the comfort of a soft lens and the vision quality of a rigid lens. I have astigmatism and have battled with poor vision from toric lenses and discomfort with rigid lenses. I am so excited and relieved that I can achieve clear vision and be comfortable at the same time. 

Laura Lee, Harrisburg, PA

Duette Progressive

I am so impressed by the comfort and clarity of vision that Duette Progressive provides. I’m also thrilled to be able to see up close without reading glasses!

As a previous soft lens wearer, I didn’t expect Duette Progressive to be so comfortable. What a nice surprise! I’m also loving the clear, consistent vision that I never got from my soft toric lenses.

I love my Duette Progressive lenses! My near vision is excellent and I’m not constantly reaching for my reading glasses anymore!


UltraHealth is the first contact lens I have been able to wear. I can see the clouds in the sky and trees in the background. I can drive a lot safer, do work on my computer, and I’m planning to go back to school in January.


Since the SynergEyes contact lens technology was recommended and approved for my condition, my improved vision performance has enabled me to live my life to the fullest.


I was pretty much blind in my left eye. When I first used UltraHealth lenses, it was like a new world because I realized how truly blind I was. With UltraHealth lenses, colors were brighter, and everything was more defined and clear. I drive for a living, so now I could see addresses without having to squint or second guess. The lenses have truly changed my life.

I deliver packages for a living, so it’s important to see addresses with ease from far away. Recently, I had to get a DOT Physical, so when I did the eye exam wearing UltraHealth lenses, they told me my vision was perfect. I could read all the letters without problems. In the past, I couldn’t see the biggest letter E. Now, wearing UltraHealth lenses, I could see it and more. Get these lenses they will change your life!

My life has changed! Now, I can finally see in my classroom and complete my assignments with ease. When I didn’t wear UltraHealth lenses, I could never recognize my surroundings, so I was vulnerable to the world. I highly recommend UltraHealth lenses because if it can help me with my vision, then it can help others.


My vision is incredible with UltraHealth lenses. I am now clear to drive legally, which at 28 years old means the world to me! My vision is very sharp and clear, and I’m way more confident in my college classes because I can see the board clearly and take notes legibly. Thank You SynergEyes for helping me with my vision for my life. Now I can see my dreams literally.

Britney, MI

My vision has improved tremendously with UltraHealth lenses. It seems like I’m in a new world. I can see detail and fullness of color. I can play basketball and shoot with precision. I can study, read and write without strain and for long periods of time. And I can drive a vehicle finally. To other keratoconus patients Iwould say try UltraHealth lenses because they will change your life as they changed mine.

Le’Andre B., NC

My vision has improved tremendously. I can now read signs I couldn’t read and I am seeing things very clearly now. My life has changed in a major way. I no longer feel disabled. I feel positive and confident with myself again, this is something I haven’t felt in years.

UltraHealth lenses have changed my life completely. It took me a little while to get used to them but once I switched to Saline solution instead of the regular contact solution I am wearing my contacts without any problems. I definitely recommend anyone who has keratoconus to try UltraHealth lenses, they will change your life!

Nicole, MI

I saw for the first time – the world as it really looks. I have SynergEyes UltraHealth Contact Lens in both eyes. I have worn them daily at least 15 hours, even once 22 hours straight. My vision is superb, comfort supreme, not cloudy, not blurry, and no pain. I am 66 years old, was diagnosed with Keratoconus over 50 years ago, had a corneal transplant in my left eye 40 years ago, and still working great. I have only worn hard contact lenses (no glasses) my entire working life with a full career.

Theresa W.

My vision is clearer now and I can see a lot better thanks to UltraHealth lenses. I now do not need to squint to see or read. Less headaches and I am able to see at night without any difficulty. UltraHealth lenses have worked wonders on my eyes. Now I don’t  have to struggle to see or read! I highly recommend these lenses to other keratoconus patients.

Sarah, TX

I have been wearing UltraHealth for over a year and have found them overall more comfortable than ClearKone or RoseK.  I was just thinking about this last night as I took out my lenses at about 12:30 AM after having put them in at 8 AM that morning, and they were still comfortable!  I would be hard-pressed to get that much wearing time out of most other lenses.  I have been extremely happy with them.


“I have been wearing the new hybrid lenses for a couple of months and they are the greatest lens I have ever had. I can wear them as long as I like and some days that is very long. My vision is crisp and clear and they are completely comfortable. The older model used to dry and tighten on my eye over the course of the day and I do not have that issue with the new lens.


SynergEyes VS

The VS is by far the best hard lens (only scleral) I’ve ever worn. The comfort and wear-ability levels are off the chart…as far as I’m concerned the SynergEyes VS is the gold standard for keratoconus. Thank you again for keeping me & my scarred corneas seeing into the future….