“WOW!! For the first time in years I can see!! It’s like the world is in 3D”

I just want to thank SynergEyes for changing my life! I have keratoconus in the worst way and I was at the end of trying to correct my vision with lenses. I couldn’t see to drive at night, nor could I perform my job, I was losing hope. I always read up on new things that were going on with this problem but other than doing Holcomb C3-R or Intacs that were so pricey, I was running out of options. Then I read about your lenses.

I found a doctor close to me, we did all the tests, was fitted with ClearKone lenses and WOW!! For the first time in years I can see!! It’s like the world is in 3D. I walked out of there and could see street signs and to look at people was so different,  I can’t explain how it feels…. I just wanted to say thanks, to whom ever invented these …. Thanks!

Tim B. (AZ)


“What a difference ClearKone made. Vision was corrected to 20/30 and they are so comfortable”

I had shingles in my left and had to have a cornea transplant. I always had excellent vision in both eyes. Since the transplant my vision was 20/400 in my left eye. I tried all different contacts and glasses with no improvement. I was directed to try ClearKone lenses. What a difference it made. Vision was corrected to 20/30 and they are so comfortable. I really do not feel them at all.

 I could not see out of my left eye at all. Vision was a total blur at 20/400. With the ClearKone contacts I’m back to normal now at 20/30. What a blessing… I wish someone would have told me about these two years ago.

 You have to try them. You won’t believe the difference.

Robert G. (PA)


“ClearKone Changed the Way I See Life”

“Once I began wearing ClearKone lenses, I was amazed. My vision was clear and crisp, and the lenses were so comfortable that I could wear them all day long without irritation. It really was the best of both worlds!

I have now been wearing the lenses for several months, and my life has changed in so many ways. I can distinguish faces from a distance and see their expressions, which is so wonderful! I am also able to drive, use the computer, and read books with small font. I feel like I now have a normal life without the frustrations of poor vision. ClearKone lenses have truly changed the way I see life!”
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“I just got my first pair of SynergEyes contacts, and what a difference. You have created the most wonderful product on the market!!!! I have raved to all my friends and family about them. Thank you so very much for creating this product!!!!”
Jamison J. (CA)


“I love these lenses; they have opened a new world of seeing”
Sandy F. (Pittsburgh, PA)


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the folks at your company who invented the SynergEyes contact lenses. They are absolutely phenomenal! My vision is now corrected to a very sharp 20/20 in each eye and 20/15 with both eyes open AND they are just as comfortable as my soft lenses! The time period for me to adjust to your lenses was zero minutes! I highly recommend your lenses! They are truly wonderful! Thanks again! Sincerely, David”
David (Kempton, PA)