“These lenses are amazing! I no longer wear readers and I reduced my font size on my mobile phone from a 30 pt to a 12 pt. I can see! I can see! They are so comfortable, easy to put in and out and they don’t flip like soft lenses. The clarity is the best. It’s so great to see again! I’ve recommended the lenses to several friends. It’s almost like finding a cure.” – Mary D.


“I can see close up and far away with clarity now. I also do not have to wear readers!!!! YAY!!!” – Seri B.


“I have sharper vision than I did with soft contact lenses but are more comfortable than the rigid gas permeable lenses that I wore a few years ago.” – Cari K.


“SynergEyes iD lenses are more comfortable, more clear, and improve my vision more than previous lenses. I am a big fan of these contacts.” – Rena R.


“No other contact lens has ever compared to the clarity of these lenses.” – Mary M.


“I had poor experiences with previous soft contacts rotating out of place. SynergEyes iD does not have that problem, and they provide clear vision.” – Bianca R.


“Super comfortable and great vision.” – Jennifer S.


“These are more comfortable than any other lenses I have had.” – Avery L.