Duette for Athletes

Can your patients keep their eye on the ball?

Serious athletes and “weekend warriors” require excellent, stable vision so they can – literally – keep their eye on the ball! Help your patients avoid the inconvenience of their rotating torics, GP lenses that pop out unexpectedly, or debris that lodges uncomfortably under the lens.

Transform your athletic patients’ vision with Duette contact lenses.

  • Vision Not Affected by Lens Rotation
  • Uncompromised GP Optics
  • SoftCushion™ Comfort Technology
  • Ocular Health
  • 100% Retention of Annual Supply Sales

“In order to start helping the athletes see better, you have got to put them in a product that will give them their maximum vision … putting them in the Duette line of lenses is the best for their visual system and hopefully that transfers over to the playing field. … It has made my practice stand out as a practice that carries a product line that is high technology. It provides better performance.”
– Dr. Berman,
Ridgefield Family Eye Care

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