SynergEyes VS™ Scleral Lenses

The SynergEyes VS™ lens is an innovative scleral lens with a distinctive bi-tangential periphery designed to accommodate a wide variety of corneal conditions.

The lens completely vaults the cornea and limbus landing entirely on the sclera. The toric periphery of the lens may be precisely controlled in both flat and steep meridians, aligning with the sclera for ease of landing and stability.

Lens Design:

The SynergEyes VS™ lens has two adjustable landing zones to accommodate for the toricity of the sclera. This toricity in the landing area is independent of the central portion of the lens.

This non-rotationally symmetric lens design combines two key innovations to maximize comfort and optimize lens performance:

  • Linear Landing Zones
  • Landing zones with Bi-Tangential Toricity

The linear landing zones are designed to follow the linear (rather than curved) shape of the sclera, accommodating a toric sclera, which is present in 95% of cases. The adjustable steps of the flat or steep meridians aim to distribute the lens pressure more equally over the sclera and improve the scleral lens fit with less risk of air bubble formation or blanching of the conjunctival scleral vessels.

The toric landing zones provide consistent lens stability allowing for a front-surface cylinder, which improves vision in patients with residual astigmatism.

New SynergEyes VS™ Lens Enhancements

  1. SynergEyes VS™ Multifocal: A Front Surface Progressive Center Distance design, with available adds of +1.00D to +3.50D in 0.50D steps.
  2. Aberration Control: Helps address lens induced aberrations for consistent power throughout the optical zone. The feature is standard on SynergEyes VS™ Multifocal lenses and is an option on Single Vision lenses.
  3. Limbal Clearance Factor (LCF): Broadens the area of limbal clearance and is particularly beneficial for larger HVIDs. Available in two options: LCF 1: 25-micron change; LCF 2: 50-micron change.

Lens Parameters

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SynergEyes VSTM is available in the US only.

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