SynergEyes Platinum Fitters Club

Is SynergEyes a significant part of your practice?
Are you ready to be rewarded for your loyalty?

The Platinum Fitters Club is an elite customer loyalty program offered to SynergEyes customers who average a monthly net Rx revenue of $2,000 or more. Members earn unique cost-saving benefits and practice-building awards. Eligibility is assessed and membership updated every July and January, based on the previous 6-month’s net Rx revenue.

Platinum Fitters Club benefits include:

  • Unlimited exchanges on all products
  • “Platinum Fitter” designation on the SynergEyes Prescriber Locator
  • Practice name placed at top of the Prescriber Locator list for your zip code
  • A Platinum Fitters plaque (for new members)

If you have questions about the SynergEyes Platinum Fitters Club, contact your SynergEyes representative online or by calling us at 877.733.2012 option 5.