Advice for New UltraHealth Fitters

Hear Practitioners advice and how to set patient expectations by watching the videos.

“What advice would you give to a practitioner just starting to fit this lens?”

Results from our 2014 Post-Market Research Survey* received the following answers:

“Good to have new tools in The Box to use in fitting the irregular cornea”

“Just try it.  Not every patient will do well in a scleral lens.”

“Use it for more than kerataconus”

“Great alternative to scleral lenses”

“Vision is significantly better”

“Just go for it as the patients will appreciate the comfort difference without a reduction in acuity.”

“keep fitting the lens, the more you do, the more second nature it becomes”

“When corneal RGPs are not centering well and inducing corneal irregularity try Ultrahealth and evaluate with OCT.”

“Give it  a go and you won’t look back”

“Straight forward in fitting.  Training was excellent and assistance available if needed.”

“Nothing to worry about, such an easy lens to fit.”

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*Results from 2014 UltraHealth Post-Market Survey of 143 patients. Data on file.