Can I wear contacts if I have astigmatism?

Yes, you can wear contacts if you have astigmatism.

There are several different contact lens designs for people that have astigmatism.  The most common soft lens design is a toric contact lens which includes a weighted ballast system to reduce lens rotation. That doesn’t always work as well as it should and toric lenses that rotate can cause blurred vision. Then, there are GP contact lenses which are made of a rigid lens material that provide superior vision and are custom fit to a patient’s eye.

Duette contact lenses are a state-of-the-art contact lens that combines the visual benefits of a GP contact lens with the comfort of a soft contact lens.  These lenses correct your astigmatism without weighted ballast so rotation is never a concern.

With Duette contact lenses, now you can correct astigmatism with contact lenses and not worry about blur or driving at night.

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