Transform your keratoconus patients’ vision!

Thousands are experiencing straightforward, intuitive fitting, lens stability, good centration and comfort from the most advanced hybrid lens.

UltraHealth offers: GP optics with ideal centration from the soft skirt, straightforward, dependable and efficient fitting, excellent ocular health, Soft Cushion comfort technology and hassle-free wear.

Results from an UltraHealth Post-Market Survey showed the top three reasons practitioners reach for UltraHealth are: 82% of patients experienced vision “better” than their previous modality, 70% of new fitters rate UltraHealth “much more straightforward” to fit than other irregular cornea lenses and 82% of patients were “happy” or “very happy” with the visual outcome!  Learn More >>

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Comfortable Wear 14-16 hours

“I’m fitting mostly UltraHealth because patients are better off in a hybrid.  They can wear their UltraHealth lenses comfortably for 14-16 hours and have normal vision again…” – Denise Roddy, O.D