Duette Practitioner Interviews

Carlsbad, CA (March 16, 2015) – SynergEyes, Inc., the worldwide leader in hybrid contact lens technology, has announced the release of 48 practitioner interview videos.  The impactful, authentic and unscripted videos provide tips, advice and successes from Duette practitioners to their peers, and emphasize how Duette® – the high-performance contact lens for astigmatic and presbyopic patients – can transform a patient’s vision while transforming an Independent Eye Care Practitioner’s practice as well.

Developed as part of an ongoing strategy to provide impactful tools for practitioners, the new Duette videos capture eight ODs answering a variety of questions on topics such as:

•    Advice for New Duette Fitters
•    Presenting Duette to Patients
•    Setting Patient Expectations with Duette
•    Duette Target Patients
•    How Duette Has Made a Difference in the Practice
•    What I tell colleagues about Duette
•    Favorite Duette Moments
•    The Role Duette Plays in the Practice
•    The Difference Between Duette and a Soft Toric
•    Duette Insertion and Removal Tips
•    The Role of Staff and Training in Duette Success
•    Duette for Athletes

Through these powerful videos the ODs share insights with other practitioners to help them achieve success with Duette, and also explain how Duette has had a positive impact on both patient satisfaction and their businesses.

The Duette videos, each no more than a few minutes in length, are available through the “Colleague Comments” link on the homepage of SynergEyes.com/professional.

Combining clear GP optics with SoftCushionTM comfort technology, Duette provides crisp, stable, high-performance vision for patients, especially those with astigmatism. The lens also features an 84 Dk silicone hydrogel skirt around the 130 Dk center. A patient’s initial pair of Duette lenses can be designed empirically based on a refraction and corneal curvature measurements.

About SynergEyes Inc.
SynergEyes is the only advanced-technology, high-performance and OD-led contact lens company focused exclusively on the leading independent eye care professionals. SynergEyes manufactures and markets hybrid contact lenses including the Duette family of contact lenses for astigmatism with Duette® and Duette® Progressive. SynergEyes is a world leader in the contact lens market for irregular corneas as well, with its UltraHealth® lens. The SynergEyes portfolio also includes ClearKone®, SynergEyes® A, MF, KC, and PS. More information is available at SynergEyes.com.

Heidi Noorany
Senior Director of Marketing

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