Duette Progressive Wins ‘Contact Lens Product of the Year’

We are delighted to announce that the SynergEyes Duette Progressive Center-Distance hybrid contact lens was awarded with the winner prize for ‘Contact Lens Product of the Year’ category in the Opticians Award 2019 during Optrafair. 

The awards were presented to UK Opticians, Contact Lens Practitioners, and Manufacturers/Suppliers in the Optical Industry. In all 18 trophies were presented at a 1980s themed glittering black tie bash in the Hilton Metropole next to the National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham, United Kingdom.

SynergEyes & Positive Impact entered into the competition for Contact Lens Product of the Year against the OptiExpert from Coopervision and Versa One-Day Toric from Mark’ennovy and took home the winning prize for Duette Progressive by SynergEyes & Positive Impact in the UK!  Winning an Optician Award is one of the highest accolades optical professionals, practices and companies can achieve in the UK.

In 2018 SynergEyes launched an exciting new progressive lens into its hybrid contact lens portfolio. This new lens was introduced to the Duette range for fitting regular corneas and is a Center-Distance design. Sitting alongside its pre-existing Center-Near lens, Duette Progressive now offers maximum flexibility of lens selection to the contact lens practitioner in order to fully and successfully correct their astigmatic presbyopes at distance and near. SynergEyes believes that fitting astigmats, especially astigmatic presbyopes, opens up a new and currently untapped business opportunity for practices and that the high performance of this new contact lens will build patient loyalty and retention.

Duette Progressive offers:

  • An intuitive fitting approach and high-performance vision for astigmatic presbyopes
  • Uncompromised GP optics ensuring:
    • Corneal astigmatism is fully corrected enabling the practitioner and their patient to focus on the progressive performance
    • A seamless progression of power from distance to near or near to distance

Together, the two designs cover the continuum of care progression from emerging, moderate and advanced presbyopes.  Center-Distance Duette design is ideal for early and moderate presbyopes and the center-near design is especially suited for moderate to advanced presbyopes.

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