How to Remove Hybrid Contact Lenses

How to remove your contact lenses

  1. Using one hand, pull your upper lid back.
  2. Using your finger on the opposite hand, pull down your lower lid gently.
  3. With dry fingers, pinch the bottom of soft skirt at the 5 & 7 o’clock position – keeping the pads of your fingers together as you pinch. Apply enough pressure to cause bottom edge of the lens to buckle allowing air to get beneath the soft skirt to release the lens from the surface of the eye and gently pull the lens away from your eye. Dry fingers before removing lens from your other eye.

The 3 steps to remember when removing contact lenses

Top Removal Tips

  • Dry fingers are key! If your first attempt at removal is not successful, dry your fingers before trying again.
  • Hold the eye open
  • Use a narrow pinch

If you are tearing up significantly, or are having trouble removing the lenses, finger protectors/finger cots may be used to help grasp the lenses during removal.

Finger protectors for removing contact lenses

Lens handling and care videos are available at or visit our Contact Lens Q & A >>