Hybrid Contact Lenses Now Prescribed Empirically

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No More Need for Specialty Diagnostic Lenses –

Prescribe Hybrid Contact Lenses Empirically

Carlsbad, CA (June 1, 2020) – SynergEyes, Inc., a leading expert in specialty contact lenses, announces a new way to prescribe hybrid contact lenses without having to reach for a diagnostic set. UltraHealth hybrid lenses for keratoconus, as well as Duette lenses for regular corneas, may now be fit empirically. This allows eye care practitioners to more efficiently prescribe hybrid lenses and focus on fine tuning the comfort and vision of the lens at the dispense appointment.

SynergEyes hybrid lenses historically required a diagnostic fitting set and physical application of trial lenses on patients. As knowledge of hybrid lenses and in-practice technology became more available, the company transitioned towards empirical fitting for SynergEyes A, Duette and Duette Progressive. “Empirical fitting of Duette was a game changer,” said Bob Ferrigno, CEO and President of SynergEyes. “Empirical fitting allowed for a more streamlined and predictable process that took away the time-consuming challenge of using a fitting set and replaced it with a technology-driven design. Patients now have a wearable first lens experience that showcases the exceptional visual qualities of the GP lens from the start.”

SynergEyes is proud to expand empirical fitting for our more challenging irregular cornea patients to include the SynergEyes KC and the UltraHealth family of hybrid lenses. Over the years there has been an increase in the number of topographers in specialty practices, which is the impetus for making empirical fitting for these patients more viable. Eye care professionals provide keratometry readings, eccentricity data, HVID and a refraction, and a SynergEyes technical consultant will design a first lens for the patient.

“The days of putting multiple trial lenses on eye are in the past”, said Louise Sclafani, VP of Professional Affairs. “We are all aware of the current conditions that limit the amount of time that we can spend with patients to keep them safe and for us to stay in compliance with ISO standards. Empirical fitting allows us to utilize our staff and diagnostic tools to their fullest, and share this information with the technical team at SynergEyes to design a lens that is more personalized and accurate.”

“A new world of specialty lens designing is possible, where doctors can be more comfortable with the hybrid modality and more patients can experience the benefits”, said Sclafani. “In this new paradigm, diagnostic lens fitting is not needed for the first lens that we could potentially dispense. The patient appreciates less chair time, the staff can be more efficient as they will spend less time maintaining the trial sets, the doctor can utilize her time with trouble-shooting, and the overall success of hybrid lenses can be achieved sooner and for more patients.”

How does empirical lens design and ordering work? The eye care professional provides measurements and SynergEyes uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the custom lens to manufacture for each patient. Learn more about UltraHealth empirical fitting, including clinical posters and webinars (such as the recent webinar presentation of “Hands Off for All! Using Empirical Models to Fit Hybrid lenses”) by visiting SynergEyes.com/professional . To design the Duette family of lenses, visit www.DuetteCalculator.com or simply call the SynergEyes technical consultation team.

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