Favorite UltraHealth Moment

Transform your irregular cornea patients’ vision with UltraHealth hybrid lenses!

Thousands are experiencing straightforward, intuitive fitting, lens stability, good centration and comfort from the most advanced hybrid lens. Watch the video and hear the heartwarming story of Dr. Vansuch’s favorite UltraHealth moment and how UltraHealth is transforming his patients’ lives.

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“UltraHealth lenses have changed my life completely”

“My vision has improved tremendously. I can now read signs I couldn’t read and I am seeing things very clearly now. My life has changed in a major way. I no longer feel disabled. I feel positive and confident with myself again, this is something I haven’t felt in years.” Nicole W., MI

“It seems like I’m in a new world”

“My vision has improved tremendously with UltraHealth lenses. It seems like I’m in a new world. I can see detail and fullness of color. I can play basketball and shoot with precision. I can study, read and write without strain and for long periods of time. And I can drive a vehicle finally!!  To other keratoconus patients I would say try UltraHealth lenses because they will change your life as they changed mine.” Le’Andre B., NC

“I saw for the first time – the world as it really looks”

“I have SynergEyes UltraHealth Contact Lens in both eyes. I have worn them daily at least 15 hours, even once 22 hours straight. I have been wearing them now for over 6 months and my vision is superb, comfort supreme, not cloudy, not blurry, and no pain.” Theresa W., Age 66

“UltraHealth has changed my life in so many ways”

“I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for being prescribed UltraHealth contact lenses. UltraHealth has changed my life in so many ways that I can’t begin to explain.” Faytonia G., Chicago