SynergEyes Announces New “Transform” Campaign

Carlsbad, CA (January 26, 2015) – SynergEyes, Inc., the worldwide leader in hybrid contact lens technology, has announced a new marketing campaign: “Transform”. The campaign centers on SynergEyes contact lenses and how they can transform a patient’s vision while transforming an Independent Eye Care Practitioner’s practice as well.

The new “Transform” campaign illustrates the unique and life-changing benefits of SynergEyes advanced technology contact lenses for both Independent ECPs and their patients, supporting the SynergEyes goal of delivering solutions for astigmatism, presbyopia and irregular corneas.

The dramatic, eye catching and aspirational ads highlight the following message: “Transform your contact lens patients’ vision. Transform your practice with SynergEyes contact lenses.” Under the SynergEyes umbrella, individual product lines also leverage the compelling campaign:

  • Duette®, the high-performance contact lens for Astigmatism, is supported by a campaign highlighting the importance of high-performance vision, and shows a baseball pitcher throwing a strike.
  • The campaign for Duette® Progressive, the high-performance contact lens for Astigmatism and Presbyopia, emphasizes how a presbyopic patient can see both near and far while wearing Duette Progressive lenses.
  • UltraHealth®, the contact lens for Irregular Corneas, is supported by a campaign which highlights how the lenses change the lives of irregular cornea patients as they reclaim their vision, and shows a man enjoying a day at the beach with his family.

The “Transform” campaign was created by DevicePharm, an Irvine, California marketing strategy and integrated marketing solutions firm for organizations serving medical professionals and healthcare consumers.

The campaign launched in January 2015 with ads in optometric industry publications such as Optometric Management, as well as at the GSLS tradeshow in Las Vegas.

About SynergEyes Inc.
SynergEyes is the only advanced-technology, high-performance and OD-led contact lens company focused exclusively on the leading independent eye care professionals. SynergEyes manufactures and markets hybrid contact lenses including the Duette family of contact lenses for astigmatism with Duette® and Duette® Progressive. SynergEyes is a world leader in the contact lens market for irregular corneas as well, with its UltraHealth® lens. The SynergEyes portfolio also includes ClearKone®, SynergEyes® A, MF, KC, and PS. More information is available at

Louise Curcio
Vice President of Marketing

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