SynergEyes Expands Duette Progressive Hybrid Line with the Addition of Center Distance Lens

Center Distance FlexOptics Provide Adjustable Center Distance Zone Size and Adds up to +5.00D

Carlsbad, CA (January 25, 2018) – SynergEyes, Inc., the worldwide leader in hybrid contact lens technology, announces the expansion of the Duette Progressive hybrid line with the addition of a customizable Center Distance contact lens. The new design has Center Distance FlexOpticsTM, with an adjustable center distance zone size ranging from 1.8 – 4.0mm, driven by photopic pupil size, and add powers from +0.75 to +5.00D.

Recognizing that all eyes are different and pupil sizes vary, the Duette Progressive line now offers hybrid lenses customizable for the Continuum of Presbyopia, even for those with astigmatism. The Center Distance design provides a customized vision solution for emerging to advanced presbyopes. The Center Near design offers the advanced presbyope clear vision at all distances. The Duette Progressive family now delivers the complete Presbyopic Package.

During a 2017 pre-launch program, eye care professionals across the United States successfully prescribed Duette Progressive Center Distance for their presbyopic patients. Practitioners consistently commented on the positive impact the resulting successful presbyopic fits brought to their practice.

SynergEyes’ President and CEO James K. Kirchner, O.D. states “We are very excited to bring the new Duette Progressive Center Distance lens to our customers. This exciting lens enables practitioners to have the complete presbyopic package for the entire range of presbyopic needs. With this new addition to the Duette Progressive line of lenses, SynergEyes continues to be a leader in the specialty contact lens arena, working to improve outcomes by providing innovative products to bring better vision to patients.”

Duette Progressive Hybrid Platform
From emerging to advanced presbyopia, Duette Progressive hybrid lenses offer uncompromised GP optics with soft skirt comfort. Customizable base curves, add powers and center distance zones provide customizable lenses for all Presbyopic needs. The hybrid design eliminates rotation issues experienced with soft toric lenses, while providing stable centration for excellent visual acuity. The Tangible™ Hydra-PEG coating provides increased lubricity; the majority of Duette wearers report increased comfort vs. previous lenses. The SoftCushion® Comfort Technology enhances tear exchange and lens movement. Fitting Duette Progressive is straightforward. Lenses may be fit empirically without the need for diagnostic sets or fluorescein. Provide Ks, Rx and HVID, with add power and pupil size, to create the initial order. The Duette Empirical Calculator ( can also be used to help select the initial lens.

About SynergEyes, Inc.
SynergEyes is the only advanced-technology, high-performance and OD-led contact lens company focused exclusively on the leading independent eye care professionals. SynergEyes manufactures and markets hybrid contact lenses for astigmatism with Duette® and Duette® Progressive and the UltraHealth® lens for irregular corneas, available with Tangible Hydra-PEG polymers. The SynergEyes portfolio also includes the SynergEyes VS scleral lens. More information is available at

For more information contact:
Heidi Noorany, Senior Director of Marketing, SynergEyes

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