SynergEyes Expands Patient Training Resources

Carlsbad, CA (November 4, 2020) – SynergEyes, Inc., a leading expert in specialty contact lens technology, announces a new Application and Removal Training Resource for UltraHealth® hybrid lens wearers. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to the launch of Application and Removal Resources for Duette® hybrid contact lenses, SynergEyes has expanded the resource for UltraHealth lenses as well. Developed as part of an ongoing strategy to provide impactful tools for practitioners, the Application and Removal Resource will support successful dispense visits and outcomes for practices and their UltraHealth patients.

SynergEyes recognizes that in these new times many practices are no longer applying lenses onto patients’ eyes, making it more important than ever that patients are proficient with application and removal of their new lenses themselves. In response, SynergEyes has created a one-stop-shop of valuable resources to help prepare patients for lens handling without the hands-on assistance from ODs or their technicians. The Application and Removal Resource Page gives patients easy access to tools that focus on handling and care of UltraHealth hybrid lenses.

The new resource, designed to provide eye care professionals and their patients tools for success when prescribing UltraHealth hybrid contact lenses, can be accessed here: UltraHealth Application and Removal Resource Page

Practices can share the valuable resource with their patients in several ways, including:

  1. Practice to Patient Email: Copying and sharing the link with patients via email:
  2. Patient Flyer: Providing patients with an UltraHealth Application and Removal Resource flyer. Practices can also contact their SynergEyes sales representative to receive the flyer pdf, or call SynergEyes at 877.733.2012 option 5.
  3. SynergEyes to Patient Email: Have an email sent to a patient by filling out this brief form. Upon submission, an email will automatically be sent to the patient from SynergEyes containing the link to the Application and Removal Resources page.

Practices are encouraged to direct patients to this new resource page prior to the lens dispense visit. This ensures that when patients arrive to receive their lenses, they are familiar with lens handling and are ready to experience the great vision and comfort of their new UltraHealth hybrid contact lenses.

About SynergEyes, Inc.

SynergEyes is a leading expert in specialty contact lenses, focused exclusively on independent eye care professionals. Providing a complete continuum of specialty products for contact lens specialists, SynergEyes brands include Duette® hybrid lenses for astigmatism and presbyopia, UltraHealth® hybrid and SynergEyes VS scleral lenses for irregular corneas and SimplifEyes 1Day daily disposable soft lenses. The SynergEyes portfolio also includes ClearKone®, SynergEyes® A, MF, KC and PS hybrid lenses. More information is available at

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