SynergEyes Launches Concierge Service

Carlsbad, CA (Jan. 8, 2014) – SynergEyes, Inc., manufacturer and marketer of the Duette® and UltraHealth™ families of contact lenses, has launched a new service to help ensure doctors’ success with Duette® contact lenses, the only hybrid contact lenses on the market.

SynergEyes’ “Concierge Service” uses online technology to not only train doctors and their staff in identifying and fitting candidates for Duette® lenses, but to also virtually attend patient dispensing. The program is available to all practices placing their first Duette order and there is no charge to take advantage of the service.

“SynergEyes’ ‘Concierge Service’ is emblematic of our commitment to being 100% ECP-centric by providing an unprecedented level of support to our customers who want to make our technology a part of their practice,” said SynergEyes President and CEO James K. Kirchner, O.D. “Our ‘Concierge Service’ team will work closely with new accounts to demonstrate how easy it is to become effective and efficient in prescribing and fitting Duette® lenses.”

In addition to three Skype or FaceTime training sessions, SynergEyes’ “Concierge Service” includes assistance in the initial lens orders, plus support before and after the first few patient visits. A telephone hotline is also part of the ‘Concierge Service.’

“Our goal is to start new accounts with all the information and assistance they need to fit the broad spectrum of patients that should be wearing Duette® lenses and in so doing help practices grow,” said Dr. Kirchner. “Our consultation team remains ready to provide clinical support at the completion of the ‘Concierge Service.’”

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