SynergEyes Launches New Duette® Lens for Presbyopes

Carlsbad, CA (Jan. 16, 2014) – SynergEyes, Inc., manufacturer and marketer of the Duette® and UltraHealth™ families of contact lenses, is preparing to launch its newest lens – Duette Progressive, designed deliver exceptional vision at all distances for presbyopes from emerging to advanced.

“This is a very exciting addition to our Duette line of lenses,” said SynergEyes’ President and CEO James K. Kirchner, O.D. “My colleagues are going to be thrilled with the excellent visual outcomes and all-day comfort this lens will deliver. They’ll also appreciate the ease of empirical ordering and the intuitive fitting approach. Making this lens a routine part of the practice is going to be a no-brainer.”

“Data shows that there are currently 50 million people between the ages of 40 and 60 who need vision correction. The Duette Progressive lens is designed to give them an exceptional contact lens experience through the combination of GP optics and soft lens comfort that only a hybrid lens can deliver,” said Dr. Kirchner. “This is not just a lens for the hard-to-fit patient. Any presbyope interested in contact lenses is a candidate for this lens.”

Clinical benefits
Duette Progressive features a dual-aspheric optic design, which includes a center-near add zone with a choice of three add powers to give the practitioner greater control over the visual outcome. The lens also features an 84 Dk silicone hydrogel skirt around the 130 Dk center, which is made of UV-blocking materials. The Duette platform delivers all-day tear exchange and lens movement to make it an extremely comfortable and healthy lens option.

The lens is fit with a straightforward, empirical fitting approach that minimizes the amount of chair time required and practitioners are reporting successful outcomes with very few follow-up visits. “I’ve had quite a lot of success with the Duette Progressive lens over the last nine months,” said Jeffrey Sonsino, O.D., F.A.A.O., Director of Clinical Studies for SynergEyes. “Overall, the success rate has been higher than with any other multifocal on the market that I have fit.”

ODs praise
Other early users of the Duette Progressive lens have had similar outcomes with their presbyopic patients.
“I’ve been wearing the Duette Progressive myself and have experienced phenomenal vision, especially at near, with good comfort. My patients are enjoying the same positive outcomes as well,” said Donald S. Teig, O.D., F.A.A.O., Director of the Institute for Sports Vision, in Ridgefield, CT.

Added Robert L. Davis, O.D, F.A.A.O., Chicago: “We have seen the largest growth in our practice in over 20 years, thanks in large part to hybrid technologies. We are improving the visual outcomes of our patients in ways that they have never experienced before. In doing so we are improving their quality of life. With the launch of the Duette Progressive lens, I can now offer the benefits of hybrid technology to a wider range of presbyopes in my practice.”

Duette Progressive lenses will be available nationwide on January 23rd and are available only through the independent eye care professional. The empirical fitting approach enables practitioners to begin fitting Duette Progressive lenses with no investment in fitting sets while delivering a much improved first lens experience for the wearer.

About SynergEyes

SynergEyes, the leading global contact lens company dedicated to the independent ECP, manufactures and markets the Duette® family of contact lenses for everyday patients seeking exceptional vision. The Duette® family includes Duette® and Duette® Multifocal, which are fit with a straightforward empirical fitting approach. SynergEyes is also a world leader in the contact lens market for irregular corneas and recently launched the revolutionary UltraHealth™ lens, which promotes eye health while giving irregular cornea patients an unprecedented combination of superior vision and all-day comfort.  The SynergEyes portfolio also includes ClearKone®, SynergEyes® A, M, KC, and PS. More information is available at

Christina Kirby
Director of Marketing

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