SynergEyes® launches the next generation of hybrid contact lenses: SynergEyes iD

Each Lens is Individually Designed for Premium Performance

Carlsbad, CA (January 18, 2021) – SynergEyes, Inc., a leading expert in specialty contact lens technology, announces the launch of the next generation of hybrid contact lenses: SynergEyes iD.
A breakthrough in contact lens design for those with astigmatism and presbyopia, hyperopia and myopia, SynergEyes iD provides premium performance to both doctors and patients.

SynergEyes iD hybrid lenses are individually designed to each patient’s unique ocular anatomy utilizing Keratometric readings, HVID and Refraction to personalize precise lens parameters. There is no need to choose between fixed skirt or base curve options; a patient’s unique corneal diameter and curvature drive the specific lens design, with new linear skirts following the linear shape of the sclera. The multifocal lens is powered by a proprietary Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) design from the Brien Holden Vision Institute, and proven multifocal optics provide patients with a clear visual experience that smoothly transitions through all distances.

SynergEyes iD lenses are empirically fit, eliminating the necessity for multi-use diagnostic fit sets or trial lens application. The streamlined SynergEyes iD fitting experience allows eye care practitioners to more efficiently prescribe contact lenses. The supporting SynergEyes iD Patient Application and Removal Resources also contribute to increased practice efficiency and patient success.

During a pre-launch Early Access Program in 2020, eye care professionals across the United States and Canada successfully prescribed SynergEyes iD hybrid lenses for their astigmatic and presbyopic patients. With fits on over 1,500 eyes, practitioners consistently commented on the positive impact the successful dispenses brought to their practice and patients. The empirically-designed lens offers a streamlined fit, 84% rate of first-lens dispense, high patient preference and satisfaction, and revenue retention*.

SynergEyes’ President and CEO Bob Ferrigno states “We are proud to bring the new SynergEyes iD lens to our eye care providers. This highly anticipated new design is being brought to market following extensive research and extraordinary collaboration by the entire SynergEyes team and Early Access practitioners. The launch of this proven transformative lens will bring better vision to patients, and better practice results to our partners.”
SynergEyes iD highlights include:

  • Personalized lenses made specifically for each patient by providing Ks, HVID and Rx
  • Empirically fit
  • Exceptional clarity of a GP lens, with soft skirt comfort
  • Linear SiHy soft skirt follows the linear shape of the sclera
  • Multifocal lens powered by a proprietary Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) design from the Brien Holden Vision Institute. The EDOF design has a unique power profile that is non-periodic and non-monotonic, while unique combinations of Higher Order Aberrations elongate the patient’s depth of focus, for clearer vision at near, intermediate and distance.
  • Available exclusively through IECPs, who experience the retained revenue and profitability of a specialty lens

SynergEyes iD officially debuts at the 2021 Virtual Global Specialty Lens Symposium during two special sessions:

The SynergEyes iD Transformation

  1. Friday, January 22, 2021: 8:30PM EST
    Live “Zoom Room” SynergEyes iD Launch Party
    , hosted by Louise Sclafani, OD,
    Including live entertainment, a special presentation, roundtable discussion, and celebration!
  2. Saturday, January 23, 2021: 12:15PM EST
    SynergEyes iD Silver Sponsor Talk
    , hosted by Louise Sclafani, OD

About SynergEyes, Inc.
SynergEyes is a leading expert in specialty contact lenses, focused exclusively on independent eye care professionals. Providing a complete continuum of specialty products for contact lens specialists, SynergEyes brands include SynergEyes iD hybrid lenses for astigmatism and presbyopia, as well as Duette® hybrid lenses, UltraHealth® hybrid and SynergEyes VSTM scleral lenses for irregular corneas and SimplifEyes 1Day daily disposable soft lenses. The SynergEyes portfolio also includes ClearKone®, SynergEyes® A, MF, KC and PS hybrid lenses. More information is available at

*Data on file.

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