SynergEyes Sponsors World Keratoconus Meeting

Carlsbad, CA (August 6, 2010) – SynergEyes, Inc. the manufacturer of several high-DK hybrid contact lens designs announces it’s sponsorship of the inaugural international meeting of the World Keratoconus Society taking place in Ouro Preto, Brazil, August 5-7, 2010.

The World Keratoconus Society is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of properly treating and enhancing the quality of life for people with keratoconus. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss keratoconus etiology and new trends in diagnosis and treatment. 700 ophthalmologists are expected to attend from all over the world.

“SynergEyes is excited to present our ClearKone® lens as a new treatment option for patients with keratoconus at the World Keratoconus Meeting. As we continue to expand our international offering, we hope keratoconus patients globally can benefit from the features only a hybrid contact lens can offer. ” said Kellie Kaseburg, Vice President, Global Marketing, SynergEyes, Inc.

About SynergEyes

SynergEyes manufactures a revolutionary hybrid contact lens that combines two materials – a high-Dk rigid gas permeable center and a soft, hydrophilic outer skirt, resulting in a durable “hybrid” lens for patients seeking crisp, clear vision with the comfort of a soft lens. Incorporating HyperBond™ technology and HydrolEyes™ surface science, the SynergEyes lenses with FDA market clearance include: SynergEyes® A for naturally occurring ametropia, targeting patients with astigmatism, current gas permeable lens wearers, and patients demanding optimized vision; ClearKone® for keratoconus and irregular cornea patients, SynergEyes® Multifocal for presbyopia and SynergEyes® PS for post-surgery and post-trauma refractive errors.

Christina Kirby
Director of Marketing


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