The Toric Patient Experience

Are your soft toric patients TRULY satisfied with their vision? Are you asking your patients this question, along with a follow up, “If there was another lens out there would you be willing to try it?”

Why You Should Be Asking Questions

As part of an ongoing effort to gain a deeper understanding of patient vision challenges and vision correction needs, SynergEyes conducted a national study of 400 toric wearers. This study shines light on the REAL toric-patient experience, revealing the challenges astigmatic patients experience with toric lenses, and their ongoing quest to find more satisfactory vision correction options.

And Make No Mistake, These Challenges Are Very Real

Of those with issues, almost 50% experience issues 3+ times per day. Issues include blurry, hazy, fluctuating, and unstable vision, rotating lenses.
These toric wearers experience vision issues while engaging in everyday activities such as working at the computer, driving, reading, watching TV or simply when their head changes position.

These results are not surprising, as clinical data reveals even the leading toric lenses take a long time to recover if misoriented. 82% experience issues for greater than 10 seconds at a time, while 40% say the vision issues last for 30 seconds or more!

Remember That Follow Up Question?

Given their challenges with toric lenses and a quest to find a better lens, almost half of toric wearers studied have tried multiple brands and almost 3/4 of toric wearers would pay more for a lens that eliminates their toric issues. That number is significant enough not to ignore.

SynergEyes iD: Solving The Toric Challenge with a Personalized Lens for Your Patients

SynergEyes iD is a breakthrough in contact lens design, providing premium performance to both doctors and patients. This innovative hybrid lens is individually designed to each patient’s unique ocular anatomy to provide the exceptional clarity of a GP lens with soft lens comfort. Most importantly, the SynergEyes iD GP center creates a tear layer that can neutralize corneal astigmatism, alleviating vision issues experienced by toric lens wearers.

The SynergEyes iD Hybrid Contact Lens provides a benefit to astigmatic patients engaging in everyday activities, as well as those who need to maintain clear, stable vision while in motion. Just read what your peers and their patients are saying…

The innovative SynergEyes iD lens is available exclusively through Independent Eye Care Professionals, providing revenue retention and profitability for your practice, while transforming your astigmatic patients’ vision.

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