February 2019

SynergEyes 2019 Innovations Showcased at
Global Specialty Lens Symposium

November 2018

The Science Behind Center Distance Optics
for Myopia Control

August 2018

Bifocal Hybrid Lenses for Myopia Control
in High Myopia and Astigmatism

July 2018

Clinical Performance of a New Bitangential Mini-scleral Lens

June 2018

SynergEyes and Brien Holden Vision Institute Join Forces for Specialty Contact Lens Development

May 2018

Research Overview: Options for Myopia Control

March 2018

The Continuum of Care for Keratoconus

January 2018

Thoughts on a New Hybrid Multifocal Design

August 2017

Keratoconus Continuum Of Care: Sclerals, Hybrids and GP Lenses (VIDEO)

June 2017

Keeping Hybrids In Focus

May 2017

A Lens Designed to Fit True Sclera Shape

April 2017

Why Shape Matters: Impact of Cornea and Sclera Shape in Specialty Contact Lenses

March 2017

Evaluation of Settling Behavior of UltraHealth Hybrid Contact Lenses Fitted on Keratoconic Eyes

January 2017

Increasing Lubricity, Wettability and Comfort With Advanced Treatments for Specialty Lenses

December 2016

Top Article from 2016: Medical Billing and Coding Changes

November 2016

5 Insights into Staff Training for Specialty Contact Lenses

October 2016

Top Medical Billing and Coding Changes

September 2016

Keratoconus Compliance and Coding Checklist

August 2016

Keratoconus Compliance, Coding, and Reimbursement

July 2016

Tensile Tests of SynergEyes Hybrid Duette Contact Lens to Assess Junction of RGP and SiHy

June 2016

Technology Enabled Fitting Now Available

May 2016

The Role of Annual Supplies in Compliance

April 2016

DUETTE: Using HVID Measurements to Determine Skirt Curve