About Visser Contact Lens

Since 2017, SynergEyes offers the scleral lens designed by Visser Contact Lenses and NKL.  Below is information about Visser Contact Lens Practice and their revolutionary scleral lens.

About Visser Contact Lenses

Visser Contact Lenses is a prominent scleral contact lens authority with 25 locations primarily in hospital ophthalmology clinics in the Netherlands. This family-run optometry business was founded by internationally recognized scleral lens researcher, Rients Visser, Sr. and is run by his daughter, Esther-Simone Visser, and his son, Rients Visser. Patients come from across Europe to the scleral lens clinic.

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The Scleral Lens

In 2010, Rients Visser, Sr. designed a full scleral lens which featured a bi-tangential periphery and linear landing zones. Case studies and results were published in Optometry and Vision Science in 2013: Medical Applications and Outcomes of BiTangential Scleral Lenses. The lens was the subject of  PhD thesis of Esther-Simon Visser entitled, “Objective and Subjective Performance of Scleral Lenses and New Advances in Scleral Lens Technologies.”

As a result of modern production techniques and Simone Visser and her team’s continued development of her father’s fitting method for scleral lenses, the lens is successfully used to treat various eye conditions. The result is that the wearers enjoy improved vision, improved comfort and relief from dry eyes.

Articles about the Scleral Lens

The following articles have been authored and published by Rients Visser and/or Esther-Simone Visser:

Scleral Lens Influence on Corneal Curvature and Pachymetry in Keratoconus Patients

Scleral Lens Tolerance after Corneal Cross-linking for Keratoconus

Objective and Subjective Performance of Scleral Lenses and New Advances in Scleral Lens Technology:

Advantages of Toric Scleral Lenses

Modern Scleral Lenses Part 1. Clinical Features

Modern Scleral Lenses part II. Patient Satisfaction

Treatment of Ocular Surface Disorders and Dry Eyes with High Gas-Permeable Scleral Lenses

Read more about Visser’s scleral lenses at their website: vissercontactlenses.com.

Esther Simone Visser

Esther Simone Visser MSc. PhD. Optometrist

Rients Visser Sr.

Rients Visser, Sr. Founder, Optometrist

Henny Otten

Henny Otten
BSc. Optometrist, FAAO. FSLS