Care of Hybrid Diagnostic Lenses

Instructions for Hybrid Diagnostic Lenses for Multi-patient Use

Each hybrid diagnostic contact lens is delivered to the practice sterilized in a glass vial containing a sterile buffered isotonic saline solution. It is the responsibility of the Eye Care Practitioners to ensure diagnostic lenses are properly rinsed, inspected, disinfected, neutralized, labeled, and stored between uses.* SynergEyes® hybrid diagnostic contact lenses must be discarded when the lens expiration date passes, or after 180 uses, or if there is damage to the lens, or when the lens is used on a patient with an eye infection.

1. Prepare for Use

  • Ensure the work surface is cleaned and disinfected.
  • With clean and dry hands, select the appropriate disinfected diagnostic lens.
  • Rub and rinse the lens with a multi-purpose solution (MPS) approved for rigid lenses.
  • Visually inspect the lens for damage and changes to physical appearance; discard if issues are identified.

2. Use the Lens

  • Identify if an eye infection is present.
  • Perform optical assessment of the lens on the eye.
    • If infection is present: wear gloves to remove and discard the lens as biohazardous waste.
    • If infection is not present: remove the lens, rub and rinse with an approved disinfection solution.
  • Document the use of the trial lens on a multi-patient diagnostic lens management log.

3. Rinse and Inspect Lens

  • Visually inspect the lens for damage and changes in physical appearance.
  • Wash and dry hands after contact with patient and used lens. Now you’re ready to disinfect, neutralize and store.

4. Disinfect the Lens, Stopper and Vial with 3% Ophthalmic Hydrogen Peroxide

Disinfect the lens and rubber stopper in a contact lens case using 3% Ophthalmic Hydrogen Peroxide for a three (3) hour soak time.
Fill the glass vial with 3% Ophthalmic Hydrogen Peroxide and secure the lid for a three (3) hour soak time.

5. After 3 Hours: neutralize the Lens Using Manufacturer’s Instructions with either a Catalytic Metal Disc or Tablet System

Transfer the lens using the appropriate hygienic method.

6. After 3 Hours: Rinse the Glass Vial, Lid and Rubber Stopper

Discard the used 3% Ophthalmic Hydrogen Peroxide from the vial. Rinse the vial and lid with MPS.
Fill the vial with MPS and put the lid on.
Shake for 15-30 seconds, pour out the solution, and repeat 2 more times to ensure all 3% Ophthalmic Hydrogen Peroxide has been removed.

7. Store the Lens

Place the disinfected and neutralized lens in the disinfected and rinsed vial. Fill the vial with MPS.
Rinse stopper 3 times with MPS.
Place stopper in the rinsed lid. Place lid back on vial and tighten to close.
Label the sealed vial with the disinfection date. Record disinfection on a multi-patient diagnostic lens management log. Store for a maximum of 28 days.

8. After 28 Days: Repeat Disinfection Process

For the printable version of these instructions HERE.
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