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Keratoconus Patient Thrilled with the Improved Comfort of UltraHealth!

"My patient is thrilled with the improved comfort of UltraHealth. He achieves 20/25, reports no foreign body issues and is able to wear the lens 14 hours... CONTINUE READING »

Time Glasses Needed Went From 40 to 0%!

"The patient’s astigmatism was a major factor in the poor acuity she experienced in her soft lenses and I knew Duette Progressive could drastically improve her vision... CONTINUE READING »

Patient Enjoyed not Having to Constantly Remove His glasses for Near and Intermediate Tasks!

“I chose the Duette Progressive lens for this patient because I wanted him to have a great first experience with multifocal contact lenses.  After the initial two-week... CONTINUE READING »

Better Vision than Any Lens We’d Tried in the Past!

“Not only was the comfort of Duette Progressive as good as her soft lenses, but the vision was better than any lens we’d tried in the past.” Josh... CONTINUE READING »
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