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The Image of a Specialty Lenses Doctor

The days when patients dare not question a doctor’s authority are definitely behind us. Instead, patients show up for appointments full of ideas about what condition they... CONTINUE READING »

Three Ways to Fit the UltraHealth Contact Lens: Diagnostic Fitting, Optic Section and OCT

By Jeffrey Sonsino, O.D., F.A.A.O. This month marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of the UltraHealth contact lens and thousands of patients are now benefiting from the... CONTINUE READING »

OD Wire Webinar: UltraHealth, The Newest Hybrid Contact Lens

In this webinar, Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino talks about the new UltraHealth Hybrid Contact Lens, and how he uses it as an alternative to GP's and sclerals. He takes... CONTINUE READING »

UltraHealth Lens Means More Options for Difficult Fits

In Oklahoma, Denise Roddy, OD, of Tulsa, is known for her expertise in fitting specialty contact lenses. “Most patients referred to me have failed elsewhere,” Dr. Roddy... CONTINUE READING »
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