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The Image of a Specialty Lenses Doctor

The days when patients dare not question a doctor’s authority are definitely behind us. Instead, patients show up for appointments full of ideas about what condition they... CONTINUE READING »

The Tipping Point: When To Move Beyond Commodity

Whether you’re fitting a specialty lens on an irregular cornea or putting a standard silicone hydrogel on a healthy, active teen, the goal is always the same—to... CONTINUE READING »

Alignment Fitting –The Easiest and Most Predictable Way to Fit Duette

Peg Achenbach, O.D., F.A.A.O. Vice President of Professional Services  On-K fitting, or alignment fitting, is described as having the radius of curvature of the optical zone of the contact... CONTINUE READING »

Low Cyl Patients Love Their Vision in Duette

A Case Study in Delivering Exceptional Vision

Jose* is a first time contact lens wearer with a low sphere and low cylinder prescription. His optometrist, Dr. Artis Beatty... CONTINUE READING »
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