Low Cyl Patients Love Their Vision in Duette

A Case Study in Delivering Exceptional Vision

Jose* is a first time contact lens wearer with a low sphere and low cylinder prescription. His optometrist, Dr. Artis Beatty of Eye Care Associates in Raleigh, North Carolina, knew that he had several different options for this patient, but the way to give him exceptional vision was with Duette.

Keratometry Readings
OD 43.00/43.75 | OS 42.50/43.50

Manifest Refraction
OD +0.75 -1.00 X106 | OS +0.75 -1.00 X060

Current Correction

First time contact lens wearer

Dr. Beatty began the fit by putting Jose in a pair of soft lenses. He then fit Jose in Duette and asked him to rate his vision in each of the two lenses. The choice was easy for Jose.

Subjective VA
Soft Lenses: 7 out of 10 | Duette: 10 out of 10

Duette Parameters
OD 7.7 Flat -0.25 | OS 7.7 Flat Plano

Visual Acuity with Duette
OD 20/20 | OS 20/20 | OU 20/15

“My vision was terrible in soft lenses! With Duette I’m seeing as clearly as I do in my glasses!” – Jose, Duette Wearer

Jose is now in his second year of wearing Duette and has remained loyal to the practice that offered him the latest contact lens technology.

Choose Duette for any astigmatic patient who wants crisp, consistent vision and excellent acuity at night. They’ll be thrilled with their vision, and your practice will retain and gain patients!

*Name changed to protect patient privacy.