SynergEyes iD: Patient Selection = Patient Success

There’s no denying, doctors and patients are having terrific success with SynergEyes iD! This breakthrough in contact lens design provides premium performance for those with astigmatism, presbyopia, hyperopia, or myopia.

While some may have viewed hybrids traditionally as problem solvers for higher astigmats and higher refractive error, SynergEyes recognizes that modern hybrid fitting is becoming more mainstream. SynergEyes iD optimizes the hybrid optical design and fitting process, so it’s easier than ever to successfully fit patients with a hybrid lens to provide the ideal combination of clear, stable optics and comfort. The simple empirical fitting method creates an individually designed lens that results in 89% of fits completed in 1-2 lenses per eye¹, with minor adjustments primarily for power.

The innovative SynergEyes iD line also includes a Multifocal Extended Depth of Focus lens that is powered by a proprietary EDOF design from the Brien Holden Vision Institute. The design has a unique power profile that provides extended depth of focus for good vision at all viewing distances, while minimizing visual disturbances like ghosting and haloes. It also provides consistent performance across pupils, decentration and individuals’ ocular aberrations.

Picking the right patient is key to success of this lens, and the “right” patient is your “average” patient with refractive error or presbyopia, especially those with corneal astigmatism – the patients you see every day!

SynergEyes iD is a perfect choice for astigmatism, whether it be mild or advanced… for that basic astigmatic patient who continues to struggle with soft toric lenses. It’s also ideal for presbyopes, whether they have astigmatism or not – for those presbyopes longing for clear vision at all distances. SynergEyes iD is for everyday patients who expect more out of their vision.

Today’s patients have become much more discriminating in their visual needs. They don’t want to compromise, and why should they? Yet unfortunately many of them still are. In a recent study of 400 toric wearers, 76% report experiencing issues with their toric lenses including blurry, hazy, fluctuating, and unstable vision2. These patients are frustrated due to lens rotation which causes suffering from long periods of blurred vision and lens discomfort, leaving them feeling helpless. Don’t these patients deserve something better? SynergEyes iD, with stable GP vision, and comfort from the linear skirt that follows the linear shape of the sclera, is the answer.

With fits on over 9,000 eyes and counting, practitioners praise SynergEyes iD, and the positive impact the successful outcomes bring to their practice and patients.

What Do the Experts Say About How to Clinch that Perfect SynergEyes iD Patient?

“I think it’s important that we don’t pigeonhole this lens. The home runs for me have been 45 to 55, with 0.5 to 2.0D of cylinder. This lens is a hybrid for the masses, for oblique cyl or .75 cyl, who wants that perfect precision vision. Simple patients do well with this lens. It doesn’t have to be the complicated ones. ”
Aaron McNulty, OD, FAAO


“Your slam dunk patients are going to be patients that have 2.5 to 3.0D or less. Anybody who’s looking for clear optics, any of your astigmatic presbyopes, any of your astigmatic single vision patients who just aren’t satisfied with the optics of their lenses. ”
Tiffany Andrzejewski, OD, FAAO


“If you’re starting out with the lens, and you use a cut off of 2.5 to 3.0D, you’re going to be really successful. I’d rather not encourage people to try to go out to the extremes of what the lens can do. I’d really encourage people to try to stick with the probability of success. There are so many patients out there who have worn daily disposable multifocal soft lenses and absolutely have not been satisfied. And guess what lens we’re fitting them in? SynergEyes iD. ”
Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO, FSLS


1. OD and patient feedback; over 400 patients fit. Data on file.
2. Random survey of 400 toric wearers 10/2020. Data on file.