Consistent, Dependable Outcomes

The New Duette Lenses Fitting Approach Delivers Exceptional Vision, Time and Time Again
By James K. Kirchner, O.D.

Consistency. A word that’s very important to us in Independent Optometry.  We strive to be consistent in the delivery of excellent services to our patients.  We desire to have a consistent effort from each team member on a day-to-day basis.  The provision of materials and products brought to us by our favorite vendors should be consistent.  If consistency equates with dependability, we seek to have consistent outcomes with the treatment tools that we use with various conditions, both medical and visual.  Consistency and dependability are critical as we seek efficiency and excellent outcomes in our work.

I truly believe that when we make a choice of a contact lens for a particular patient, the dependability of outcome is one the most critical factors in that decision.  As practitioners, it is our hope that the outcome will be consistent, therefore dependable, so that we are not starting from “scratch” every time.

One of the greatest strengths that Duette lenses bring to the clinic is the dependable nature of the outcome.  The delivery of exceptional vision, time and again, is a critically important benefit that Duette lenses provide.  In addition, the predictable fitting process is a second benefit that makes Duette consistent and dependable. When Duette lenses are fit with the simple methodology of aligning the lens base curve as closely as possible with the flattest K, in combination with the flattest skirt, a consistent pattern is quickly realized.  

Yes, the easy, uncomplicated manner of this fitting philosophy is readily apparent.  But what becomes truly striking is the dependable experience that this fitting method provides.  When this fitting strategy is followed, the same pattern quickly emerges: lenses that center properly, have great movement and are comfortable for the patient.  It takes the guesswork out of fitting, thereby delivering a dependable, consistent pattern each and every time.  You will quickly realize that these lenses are in fact, the easiest of all lenses to fit, yet provide extremely clear vision and comfort.

Therefore, if you want to use a type of contact lens that you know you can depend on, one that will add the dependable factor, Duette lenses are the answer.  Duette lenses will provide you with a consistent solution for your astigmatic patients, no matter the degree of ammetropia, high or low.  Duette is equally resourceful and consistent with providing a dependable answer to all levels of presbyopic needs.