SynergEyes Unveils 3 Innovations for 2018 at the Global Contact Lens Symposium

This past week, the SynergEyes team participated in the 2018 Global Contact Lens Symposium where over 800 eye care professionals gathered to discuss and share the latest information on specialty contact lenses. SynergEyes held a series of workshops and had information at their booth about the 3 innovations for 2018.

The first innovation was the addition of a new ‘center-distance multi-focal with flex-optics’ to the Duette Progressive hybrid contact lens portfolio. This new lens design features ‘flex-optics’ where the center distance zone may be adjusted to fit the individual needs of the patient. We all know that pupil sizes vary between people and now there is a design that takes those different pupil sizes into account. The new lens also has add powers up to +5.00D.

To help measure pupil size, SynergEyes was providing the new SynergEyes 3in1 ruler that measures pupil size, HVID and pupillary distance.

The Duette Progressive portfolio now offers the complete presbyopic package for emerging to advanced presbyopes. For emerging presbyopes, the center distance design offers clear distance and near vision, while more advanced presbyopes may benefit more from the center near design, emphasizing close-up vision for the patients who need higher add powers.

The second innovation was the SynergEyes VS scleral lens. Launched in the summer of 2017, this new scleral lens features linear scleral landing zones, 100% toric periphery and high Dk material of Menicon Z. In a survey with independent eye care professionals, the lens has quickly become the primary scleral contact lens brand.

The third innovation is the announcement that SynergEyes is teaming up with Tangible Science (the TangibleTM Hydra-PEG company), to develop a daily disposable contact lens. The new lenses will feature a polymer specially formulated for soft contact lenses.

SynergEyes products were featured in the following posters at the conference:

Angel Eyes
Author: Melissa Barnett, OD, FAAO, FSLS, FBCLA, University of California, Davis Eye Center

SynergEyes® UltraHealth® Post-Trauma: A Case Report
Jennifer S. Harthan OD, FAAO, FSLS, Louise Sclafani OD, FAAO

Proposed Method to Eliminate Debris in the Scleral Post-Lens Tear Reservoir: Case Report
Author: Jeffrey Sonsino, OD, Georgina Reinoso, OD and Randy Teller, DPO, COMT

Young 28 Year Old Female With Count Finger Vision Corrected to 20/25 After 7 Years
Author: Stephanie Woo, OD, FAAO, FSLS

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About SynergEyes Inc.
SynergEyes is the only advanced-technology, high-performance and OD-led contact lens company focused exclusively on the leading independent eye care professionals. SynergEyes manufactures and markets hybrid contact lenses for astigmatism with Duette® and Duette® Progressive and the UltraHealth® lens for irregular corneas available with Tangible Hydra-PEG polymers. The SynergEyes portfolio also includes the SynergEyes VS scleral lens. More information is available at

About Tangible Science
Tangible Science strives to dramatically improve the contact lens experience. By developing a family of groundbreaking products, including a contact lens coating, cleaner, coating “rejuvenator” and line of disposable lenses, the company intends to make lenses more comfortable and the lens wearing experience easier for both patients and eye care providers.